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Period 1 – Homework

Due Tuesday, Jan 18th: Read the handout about the Battle of Antietam Based on your textbook reading, answer the following questions: How did the attitudes toward slavery held by abolitionists, Know-Nothings and Free-Soilers differ? To what extent did the Kansas-Nebraska Act inflame the tensions over slavery? To what extent did the Lincoln-Douglas debates lead to …

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Period 5 – Comment and Homework

First, I would like to compliment all of you on both the fishbowl discussion we had today and the research/postings/comments that you completed this week.  I am thrilled at how well you managed all parts of the assignment.  I just finished reading the chat logs and I am excited with parts of your conversations – …

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Homework Due Jan 14th – Period 1

In your textbook, read pages 337 – 356 (Chapter 11, sections 1-2).

PERIOD 5 Only – Homework Jan 10 – 13th


PERIOD 1 Only – Homework due Jan 12

In your textbook, read and take notes on pages 318 – 345.

WebQuest – Civil War Resources

South Carolina and Andrew Jackson Lincoln-Douglas Debates Slavery as  Positive Good The Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 Lincoln’s Response to Fugitive Slave Act The Political Economy of Slavery Cotton is King The Crittenden Compromise The Cornerstone Speech Lincoln’s Campaign Speech Missouri Compromise Map Assorted Maps relating to Slavery Lincoln for President – Campaign Poster

Civil War Resources

Events leading up to the Civil War – Timeline Portrait Slide Show Original Civil War Sources American Civil War – Spartacus (UK) Civil War Map

Unit 6: Civil War and Reconstruction

Unit 6 Overview