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Attn: Period 5!

Sorry, in all the fun we had reviewing for the test, I forgot to hand back the homework assignments.  These should be used to review for the test.  I have left your corrected assignment in my High School Mailbox – please stop by on Wednesday and pick up your work!

Chapter 11 & 12 Test Feb 3rd – Review Questions

To what extent did the Civil War have an effect on the U.S. Constitution? Compare and contrast the Confederate and Union positions on the abolishment of slavery. Who were the following people and what were their roles in the war:  Stonewall Jackson, William Sherman, Robert E. Lee, Ulysses S. Grant. Compare and contrast the plans …

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Glory – The real people and events that inspired the movie – Websites

As I mentioned in class, the events depicted in the movie Glory are based on real people and events.  Check out the following websites for additional information: 54th Massachusetts 54th Massachusetts Regiment Darien, Georgia Letter to Annie Colonel Montgomery and His Raids

Homework – Due Feb 1st

Complete Identifications Review for Test on Feb 3th – Chapters 11 and 12 – Civil War and Reconstruction Bring three possible questions as review material – at least one must be an essay question.  We will practice these in class and finish the movie Glory.

Civil War PowerPoint – Revised Jan 24th


Civil War Maps Site

Civil War Maps

Homework Due Jan 26

Period 1: Review the previous reading assignments, the revised Power Point (in a separate posting) and work on your identifications. Period 5: In textbook read pages 374 – 392.  You also review the Power Point and work on your identifications. Reminder:  Identifications due Feb 1st and Chapter 11 & 12 on Feb 3rd.

Homework Due Jan 24th / Unit Test Date

PERIOD 1: Read “Reconstruction” Chapter 12, sections 1 & 2 – pages 374-392. PERIOD 5: Read and annotate “Antietam” article. Be ready to discuss in class on Monday. BOTH CLASSES:  Begin working on your identifications – these will be due in class on Feb 1st.  The test for this unit will be on Feb 3rd.

Homework Due Jan 20th – All Classes

Just a friendly reminder that your final version of your Slavery Research Paper is due on THURSDAY, Jan 20th.  All outlines, drafts and notes are also due.  Only the final paper should be submitted to Also – PERIOD  5 ONLY – read pages 345 – 371 in your textbook.

Characteristics of Civil War

An organized military action – 1,000 battle deaths/year and 5% of deaths inflicted by the weaker party. At least two factions within a single country/nation-state – one of which is the national government – which are divided over religious, ideological, political, economic and/or social issues. The war occurs in the country in which the opposing …

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