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Homework Due March 5/6

We are moving into the last part of Unit 6 – Reconstruction – how should the United States rebuild its union and which political group should be in charged of the process?  Read the following section in your textbook – pages 374 – 403.  Yes, it is long and chunky – I would suggest looking …

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1.) As of MARCH 1ST – you will NO LONGER use Google Drop Box to submit your homework or any other written assignment.  The great social experiment has come to an end and I am not satisfied with how this digital system functioned for our class.  So any future assignments must be submitted to me …

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In-Class Work/Homework Due Feb 28/29

Please answer the Civil War Review Questions and upload your work to our Google Docs Folder.  In addition please bring a hard copy to class on Tuesday/Wednesday for our small group discussion. These questions are a good review for the summative assessment scheduled for March 1/2.

Reminder: Homework Due Feb 24/27 plus Reading Assignments

Just a reminder that your identifications are due on Feb 24/27 uploaded to our Google Docs Folder. In addition please make sure that you have read the following pages by Feb 24/27: 347 – 350, 351 – 354 (top), skim pages 357 – 360, 361 – 365 By Feb 28/29 have the following pages read: …

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Unit 6 Quiz – March 1/2

We will have a quiz on Unit 6 on March 1/2.  This quiz will cover the vocabulary/key concepts for this unit and include a section of multiple choice questions.  There will be NO short-answer or extended writing sections on this quiz.  We will do a longer written assessment at the close of the unit.

Just War Theory

A Just War should be waged: Only as a last resort. By the legitimate government/authority of a nation In response to some “wrong” committed against your nation by the other side. With a reasonable chance of success. To establish a more perfect state of peace than the conditions that existed prior to the war. Using …

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Antietam Reading – Homework Due Feb 22/23 and Feb 24/27

Please have the identifications for this unit completed by Feb 24/27 – these should be uploaded to our Google Docs Folder.  You may also want to print a hard copy for reference during our class discussions. We will discuss the “Antietam” reading in class on Wed/Thurs – please make sure that your annotations are complete. …

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Homework Week of Feb 20

Please have the Antietam article read and annotated (I will check for your notes) by Feb 22/23. We will watch the corresponding History Channel program in class and then answering questions.

Unit 6: The Civil War and the Reconstruction

Slavery Unit Guiding Questions Unit 6 Outline American Civil War PPT Political Cartoons (PDF document) Political Cartoons – Website (Gettysburg Collection) End to Segregation? Audio Stories: 150 Years Later the Civil War Still Divides Slavery Persisted After the War? Black Historian Reflects on Importance for African-American Community to Study the Civil War 3-D Motion Pictures from the …

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Homework Jan 27 – Feb 3: Research Paper / Civil War Reading Assignment

Slavery Paper Your homework for the next week will be to complete your slavery paper.  On Friday/Monday we will be watching a movie in class (you may bring a snack) – after the movie you will have the rest of the class period to work on the research paper. The FINAL DUE DATE FOR ALL …

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