Category: Civil War and Reconstruction

Reading: Bombingham – complete by Monday April 29

Please read the article in your packet titled “Bombingham” and be prepared to answer questions about what happened in Birmingham in 1963.  You may also want to review Martin Luther King’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail”. In addition, continue to work on the research, outline and/or slides for your second semester research project.

Homework Week of Feb 26 / Unit Quiz Reminder / Feb Current Events

Reminder: We will have a Reconstruction quiz on Tuesday, March 5th. It will have about 10 multiple choice questions and two extended paragraph questions. Homework: Feb 28 – read the following pages in the textbook: 376 – 391. March 6 – answer the following questions: page 382 #2 and 4, page 392 # 2, 3 …

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Change of Date for Reconstruction Quiz

The date of the Reconstruction has been moved to March 5th – please make this change in your agendas! Have a great GCW experience.

Reminders, Due Dates and More – I have changed the settings so you should now be able to upload your document today. Current Events for Jan was due Jan 31 – I am missing several folders – turn them in on Friday or I will have to start passing our MSH emails!! Bring hard copies of both the Slave …

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Antietam Reading – Guided Annotation – Due Feb 8

We will discuss the “Antietam” reading in class on Friday – please make sure that your annotations are complete.  In addition, please prepare responses to the following questions (you may write these out in bullet point or full sentence format). What is the author’s thesis? How was the Battle of Antietam a turning point in …

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Homework Due Jan 31 / Feb 4 and 6 (IASAS Students – Feb 8th)

Read the following pages in the textbook: 324 – 331, 338 – 345, 346 – 350, 361 – 365 (now we have reached the end of the war!). Review the outline of Civil War events on pages 8 – 13 in the Reading Packet (this time line runs as a side bar – at this …

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Homework Due Jan 25 / Jan 29 PLUS Class Calendar

HOMEWORK DUE JAN 25 Complete questions # 1 and 6 on the Slavery Review Questions worksheet.  Please start this as an electronic document that you will share with me LATER.  I will assign additional questions as we move through the Civil War unit.   Also please read pages: 215 to top of 216, 222 – 223 …

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Unit 6: The Civil War

Welcome to Unit 6: The Civil War – this will be our most ambitious unit of the year.  There are many aspects of this most violent and bloody conflict in our nation’s history and we will try to examine more than the just the classical textbook angle.  Attached to this post are the two main …

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Homework Due Jan 21

Bring the final draft of your Colonization Compare and Contrast Essay (with your Writing Folder and all past drafts of the essay and outline) to class on Monday, Jan 21.  In addition, please make sure that you have completed the Research Project Planning Worksheet that was assigned to you in class today. On Monday we …

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Reconstruction Resources / Homework Due March 8/9

Homework: Due March 8/9 – choose two questions from the list below and respond to each in a full paragraph (ie total of two paragraphs).  Bring a hard copy of your assignment to class Thurs/Friday. Give a brief summary of the historical context that Lincoln faced as he prepared his second inaugural address. Is Jefferson …

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