Second Semester Exam – Review, Suggestions, Questions

General Exam Review Comments

You will have a choice of essay questions on the final exam.  These questions will be comprehensive, i.e., looking at themes we studied throughout the semester, rather than smaller, more unit focused essays.  The following themes will be assessed: immigration, imperialism, civil rights and reform movements.

Areas not covered: WWI and Jazz Age, WWII and Cold War

Areas to focus: Civil War and Reconstruction, Imperialism, Progressive Era, Great Depression/New Deal and Civil Rights Movement.

Review past tests/quizzes to see the content and type of multiple choice questions.  Give the Civil Rights movement extra attention because there will be a section of multiple choice specifically about this unit. Review the Supreme Court cases we discussed over the semester as well as the various doctrines – i.e., Monroe Doctrine, Roosevelt’s Corollary, Manifest Destiny, etc.  Also review the specific pieces of legislation we studied – i.e., the Constitutional Amendments (covered in second semester), Civil Rights Acts, the Glass-Steigall Act, etc.

Review Materials

  • Unit Outlines
  • Past tests and quizzes
  • Unit homework assignments
  • Khan Academy Videos – as I have suggested before these are a great tool to review for the second semester exam.

Reconstruction – Great Depression

World War II – Vietnam

Exam Format The Final Exam will consist of three parts (100 points total):

Part A – Multiple Choice – 40 questions, one point each – focus on Civil War, Reconstruction, Progressive Movement, Imperialism, Great Depression/New Deal and the Civil Rights Movement.

Part B – OPVL Analysis – you will have two documents to complete an OPVL analysis.  Please review the OPVL process (see the Links!) – 10 points each, 20 points total.

Part C – Essay Questions –  I want you to prepare these in advance – I will select four to put on the test; you need to answer one.  You may NOT bring a prep sheet but I encourage you to create one at home to help you prepare to answer these essays and use it as a study guide.  You are NOT expected to provide citations (although they will be happily accepted!)  40 points total. See Exam Rubric (this also will be included in your exam packet).

Exam Questions 

  1. Explain some of the most important factors (long term and short term) that led to the development of the Civil Rights Movement in the 1950s and 1960s. To what extent was the movement successful?
  2. What accomplishments of the Civil Rights Movement were achieved through nonviolent means?  Why, despite these accomplishments, did some African Americans come to reject nonviolence as a means to change?
  3. If the original goals of the Civil War were to reunited the country and bring an end to sectionalism, to what extent were these goals meet after the period of Reconstruction?
  4. Analyze the goals and achievements of American imperialism from the late 1880s to 1920.
  5. To what extent can you argue that although the United States is a country of immigrants, there have been periods in U.S. history when it was bad to be an immigrant?  Defend your position with specific examples and make sure you are clear about what time period(s) you are discussing.

Just a gentle reminder that your exam is 20% of your second semester grade.  Study well, get enough sleep and good luck!