May 2013 archive

OPVL – Semester Exam Review

We will be working on OPVL as part of our semester exam review.  Here is the link to a description of the process – OPVL.  We used this process during the Civil War and Reconstruction units to look at cartoons and speeches.  You will have a section on the semester exam in which you will …

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Race in America

Another story in NPR’s series about race in America: “Checking More Than One Box”

REMINDER: Second Semester Research Projects

ALL SENIORS will present their second semester research project PPTs on May 10. Any senior not present that day will need to return to school on May 14 (and you really don’t want to do that!) The rest of us will begin presentations on May 14th – all PPTs must be submitted to me by that date.  OUTLINES ARE …

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Homework Due May 8

Read the following sections in the Civil Rights Movement packet: Kennedy Finally Acts The March on Washington The Civil Rights Act of 1964 Voting Rights Black Nationalism and Black Power Civil Rights Movement  Moves North We will hit the ground running on Wednesday – we will finish Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s speech “I Have …

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Second Semester Exam – Review, Suggestions, Questions

General Exam Review Comments You will have a choice of essay questions on the final exam.  These questions will be comprehensive, i.e., looking at themes we studied throughout the semester, rather than smaller, more unit focused essays.  The following themes will be assessed: immigration, imperialism, civil rights and reform movements. Areas not covered: WWI and …

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