April 10, 2013 archive

U.S. History Show and Tell: Opium Weights

Thank you Brandon for sharing the counter-weights used in measuring out opium.  These weights were used during the opium trade era in China.  What a very cool reminder of the Open Door Policy era.    

Homework Due April 12

Beginnings of the Civil Rights Movement Read the following pages in the textbook: 658 – 663, 711 – 712, 904 – 932. On page 913 answer questions # 1 (all), 3, 4 and 5.  Also read the following section from US Digital History.

New (and last) Unit: Civil Rights Movement

Essential Questions: Who decides how laws or rules are applied? How can we ensure that laws and rules are applied to everyone in the same way? What are civil rights? Who decides? How can we respond when our civil rights are violated? What can be done to strengthen the civil rights of individuals and groups? Is …

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