Homework and In-class Assignment (Wed, April 3) – DUST BOWL


Your homework assignment is to review the questions you will answer in a small group format IN CLASS on Wednesday.  Also you should review ALL the websites/sources so you are familiar with what they contain.  There will some additional questions/assignments once you get to class.



Learning Objectives:

  • List problems ordinary Americans faced during the Great Depression.
  • Cite examples of the attempts of the government and citizens to solve these problems.


  1. What was the Dust Bowl? When did it occur?
  2. Where was the Dust Bowl?
  3. How were people affected by the Dust Bowl?
  4. Howt did the people who were affected by the Dust Bowl respond to the crisis?
  5. What did the United States government do to address the crisis?
  6. What was life like on the Great Plains before the settlers/farmers arrived? (Use Sweet Search or Google Scholar)
  7. How did the activities of the farmers create the environmental conditions that contributed to the Dust Bowl?
  8. Many scientists and social commentators at the time said that the Dust Bowl was nature’s way of telling humans to go away.  What do you think? Was nature’s “message” effective?  How so?



Dust Bowl Timeline

The Drought

Surviving the Dust Bowl

Exodus from the Plains

The Migrant Experience

Dust Bowl Migrations

Photographs – Dust Bowl

Eyewitness Account

Voices from the Dust Bowl