Progressivism Power Point Presentations – Due Monday, March 18th

ALL GROUPS MUST BE READY TO PRESENT ON MONDAY, MARCH 18th – I will randomly draw names to determine which groups go first.  The P2 class will present all PPTs on Monday – P4 will present three on Monday and the other two on Wednesday.  Remember that ALL MEMBERS of the group will present so determine in advance which part of the presentation is your responsibility. Here is a copy of the Progressivism Research Rubric.

Here are the guidelines for the PPTs:

  1. Title page – Topic, names and presentation date (March 18, 2013).
  2. All events should be presented chronologically – please don’t jump back and forth in dates.
  3. What were the goals of the movement?  What situations did the movement want to fix/improve?
  4. Who were some of the key individuals associated with this movement?  How did they influence the movement?
  5. How successful was the movement?  How did it fail to meet all of its objectives?
  6. What specific social/political tactics did the movement use to meet its goals?
  7. What (if any) amendments, legislation and/or Supreme Court decisions were associated with this movement?
  8. Please include a Works Cited Page for all in-text citations (yes, you need to have in-text citations!)
  9. Create a hyperlink citation for any images/video/audio – use the original caption/title of the work – if there is not caption provided (a probability for some images) then you make create your own but stick to basic facts.
  10. Please make sure the slides have a consistent format and are ready for “prime time” viewing.  Presentation should last between 8 to 10 minutes.  I will cut you off after 10 minutes.