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SENIORS – Second Semester Presentation Date – May 10 (Friday)

Dear Seniors, Well, the new exam schedule is certainly a challenge for a class like ours.  Luckily one date stood out – May 10th! Yes, your last day in high school witll culminate with your PowerPoint Presentation.  Trust me, this date is not my first choice but I think you will come to see why …

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Homework Due – Monday, April 1 (No Joking!)

Ok, it is time to have that homework talk.  First please allow me to remind you that homework benefits YOU and not me.  I already know this stuff – homework is to help you process the information we are learning in class.  Those students who are doing very well in class are those who always …

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Unit 10: Great Depression and the New Deal – Outline, PPT and Essential Questions

Yes, we are skipping Unit 9 which covers WWI and the Jazz Age (thanks seniors!) and moving right into the cheerful topic of the Great Depression.  Outline, PPT and Essential Questions are below.  Homework is to print all of these documents plus read the following pages in your textbook: pages 669 – 683.  Also answer …

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Unit 8 Imperialism Quiz changed to Tuesday, March 26th

Due to the assembly today, our quiz on Friday has been moved to Tuesday, March 26th.  Identifications are also due that day.  Please listen again to the NPR story about the issue of independence vs. the greater good.  We will discuss this at the beginning of the next class – what is your world view? …

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Greater Good vs Individual Rights

Progressivism Power Points – NOTE TO ALL OWNERS OF THE SLIDE SHOWS

Please change your setting so the “public” can view your slideshow ASAP.  Without this setting, I cannot share your presentations with each other. Thank you! Women’s Suffrage – P4 Women’s Suffrage – P2 Prohibition – P2 Prohibition – P4 Labor Reform – P4 Governmental Reform – P4 Governmental Reform – P2 Square Deal and New …

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Homework – Due Friday March 22 (but get a start on it now!)

Homework due Friday March 22 – Unit 8 Identifications.  Yep, we are back to these based on the performance of your last two quizzes.  ONLY complete the identifications for the IMPERIALISM section of the outline.  Hard copy due at the beginning of class.  Begin work on these NOW! Also any changes your group needs to …

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What do “Bad Romance” and the Women’s Suffrage Movement have in common?

[youtube][/youtube] Wow, this woman obviously loves her American history – the video is full of allusions to specific historical events in the Women’s Suffrage Movement.  Continue to check back throughout the summer for other off-beat and quirky posts!

Progressivism Power Point Presentations – Due Monday, March 18th

ALL GROUPS MUST BE READY TO PRESENT ON MONDAY, MARCH 18th – I will randomly draw names to determine which groups go first.  The P2 class will present all PPTs on Monday – P4 will present three on Monday and the other two on Wednesday.  Remember that ALL MEMBERS of the group will present so …

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REVISED! Unit 8: Progressivism and Imperialism / Homework – Week of March 4 and March 11

Reminder: Current Events were due today – if you forgot to submit yours please bring to class on March 7th and sibe to sub.  The Unit 7: Reconstruction Quiz is on March 7th – please make sure you also study Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. Du Bois (last page in the reading booklet). New week, …

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