Reminders, Due Dates and More

  • – I have changed the settings so you should now be able to upload your document today.
  • Current Events for Jan was due Jan 31 – I am missing several folders – turn them in on Friday or I will have to start passing our MSH emails!!
  • Bring hard copies of both the Slave Review Questions and the Civil War Questions to class on Friday – I will grade these and post the grades over the weekend.
  • We will have an in-class discussion about the Antietam Reading in class on Friday – bring your annotated packet and your preparation for the discussion.  
  • I will be posting the Colonization Essays as I grade them – in other words you may receive your grade before or after your classmate!
  • Feb 12 – Civil War Quiz – covering Slavery and Civil War (up to Lincoln’s assassination).  This quiz will have Identifications, Short Answers and Extended Writing sections.  It will not take the complete period and we will watch part of the “Lincoln” movie in the second half of class.
  • Just read this news story about a city in the south renaming its parks – think about the impact this decision makes on the legacy of slavery in the South.