Antietam Reading – Guided Annotation – Due Feb 8

We will discuss the “Antietam” reading in class on Friday – please make sure that your annotations are complete.  In addition, please prepare responses to the following questions (you may write these out in bullet point or full sentence format).

  1. What is the author’s thesis?
  2. How was the Battle of Antietam a turning point in the American Civil War? (Hint – start reading on page 94)
  3. What were Lee’s goals in moving from a defensive strategy to an offensive strategy?
  4. What was Lincoln’s position on slavery prior to 1863?
  5. “The Civil War was more that a clash of armies; it was a battle between two societies.”  Be prepared to argue for or against this statement – have specific details to support your position.
  6. Why did both the North and the South each expect Great Britain to support their side of the war?  What position did Britain take?
  7. Consider the components of Just War Theory (see below) – to what extent was the Civil War a just/unjust war?
  8. How did the improvements in military technology impact the war?
  9. What impact did the Emancipation Proclamation of 1863 have on the war?
  10. How did the evolving war goals change the military strategy on the ground?
  11. What was the legacy of Antietam? (Hint – start reading on page 98)


A Just War should be waged:

  1. Only as a last resort.
  2. By the legitimate government/authority of a nation
  3. In response to some “wrong” committed against your nation by the other side.
  4. With a reasonable chance of success.
  5. To establish a more perfect state of peace than the conditions that existed prior to the war.
  6. Using only force/violence justified by (proportional to) the original wrong committed.
  7. Using weapons that only target soldiers.  Great care should be taken to prevent civilian deaths.