Homework Due Jan 31 / Feb 4 and 6 (IASAS Students – Feb 8th)

  1. Read the following pages in the textbook: 324 – 331, 338 – 345, 346 – 350, 361 – 365 (now we have reached the end of the war!).
  2. Review the outline of Civil War events on pages 8 – 13 in the Reading Packet (this time line runs as a side bar – at this time you are not asked to read the text but you may do so if you like).
  3. Review the information box titled “The Terrible Cost of the War” on the bottom of page 28 in Reading Packet.
  4. Read the Profiles of General Lee and General Grant (pages 78 – 79 in Reading Packet).


In class on Thursday you will be working to complete the Slavery Review Questions and the Civil War Review Questions (see questions below).  A hard copy of your responses to the Slavery Review questions is due in class on Monday, Feb 4.  The hard copy of your responses to the Civil War Review questions is due in class on Wednesday, Feb 6.  For IASAS students – these responses are due Friday, Feb 8.


Civil War Review Questions:

  1. What happened during the first battle of the Civil War?
  2. Why did Britain remain neutral during the Civil War? Why did each side expect Britain to support their cause?
  3. What led President Lincoln to issue the Emancipation Proclamation?  What was the reaction to the Emancipation Proclamation in the North and in the South?
  4. What was the experience of African-Americans fighting in the war?
  5. To what extent was the Battle of Gettysburg the battle that won the war?
  6. How did General Grant and General Sherman pursue a policy of total war against the Confederacy during the last two years of the war (1863- 1865)? (Hint – look in reading packet for additional information.)
  7. How did the war come to an end?  What is “historically” interesting about where the Confederate surrender took place?
  8. How did the Civil War change the United States? Consider political, economic, and social changes.