Homework Due Jan 25 / Jan 29 PLUS Class Calendar

  • Complete questions # 1 and 6 on the Slavery Review Questions worksheet.  Please start this as an electronic document that you will share with me LATER.  I will assign additional questions as we move through the Civil War unit.  
  • Also please read pages: 215 to top of 216, 222 – 223 (map), 248 – 253, 304 – 317.  Add notes from these textbook to your Slavery PPT.  In addition if you find information to answer any of the other questions on the Slavery Review worksheet you may want to answer those questions too.
  • You should also print the Civil War PPT and begin to add textbook notes too!
HOMEWORK DUE JAN 29 (Look for the reminder on our Class Blog Calendar)
  • FINAL VERSION of your Compare/Contrast Essay
  • You must submit your writing folder with the essay to get full credit
  • You will need to submit this essay to TurnItIn.com – I do not need a receipt however you must submit it before you give me the folder in class on Tuesday.
  • TurnItIn website:  https://turnitin.com/en_us/home
  • Class ID# 6025737
  • Password:  Corning

Please look at our class calendar on the home page for the Unit 6 Quiz dates – rather than having one large test we will have two smaller quizzes that will add up to one test grade.