Homework Due Jan 23 PLUS Resources for Slavery Review Questions /Future reading assignments

Homework Due Jan 23:

Read the textbooks pages list in Part 1 of the Unit 6 Outline.  In addition please review Slavery PPT and the following resources/websites – you will be working on the review questions in class on Wednesday and/or Friday:

Slavery and the Making of America – this is a PBS site with multiple pages so make sure you explore the whole site.

Slavery in the North – again multiple pages – be curious!

The Legacy of the African Slave Trade

Slavery by Another Name (NPR story about PBS documentary)

Understanding Slavery – Discovery Channel website

Discovery Channel – Slavery Videos (there are several)

Discovery Channel – Slavery Videos Part 2 (more videos – scroll down to see over 20 videos about slavery – each video is about a specific topic and run between one to three minutes in length).


Future Reading Assignments:

For those who want/need to work ahead – here are the textbook pages for the Civil War/Reconstruction reading assignment: 215 to top of 216, 222 – 223 (map), 248 – 253, 304 – 317, 318 – 323.  (Yes there is some overlap with the Slavery reading assignment.)