Summary of Ms. Jamgochian’s Presentation/Homework Due Jan 17

First remember that the High School Library Website is the one-stop shopping location for your research needs.  We have a link to the website in the “Research/Writing Resources” section in the right side bar of our blog.  Once you are on the main page look for the “Research” tab on the top of the page to take you to most of the resources you will need.

Here is a list of the websites/research suggestions:

  • Use Proquest eLibrary (found on the Research Page) – a good alternative to Wikipedia especially when you are trying to learn the basics about your topic.
  • NO STRAIGHT GOOGLE! Use Google Scholar or Sweet Search – both you can access from your browser (as well as from the Library Research Page).
  • Within the databases on the Research Page – consider using the History Research Center after you have done your basic research and want to start getting more detailed information.
  • Consider using a cloud based program like DIIGO to bookmark your sources – remember you can access these bookmarks from any computer/tablet/smart phone.
  • Try using an electronic note taking system – Noodle Tools has the best program I have used so far.  I also will talk about other note-taking systems in class on Thursday.
  • If you are trying to access the subscriber based research sites from home, remember the password for the Library page is “panthers” – with that you can get the passwords for the other sites.


HOMEWORK: Continue to use these research tools/sites to finalize your research topic and historical question.