REVISED: Homework/Review Work Dec 4 – Dec 12

Ok, as we discussed in class, we will postpone the final version of the Colonization Essay until the beginning of second semester.  If you choose to work on the essay during the break, then keep your writing folder however if you know that you will not work on it please make sure that I have your folder.

So here is the schedule for the next two classes:

Dec 7 and 11 – review days – choose at least four of the essay questions and prepare outlines for the responses. Bring hard copies to class.

By Dec 11 – Current Events

Dec 12 – 7:20 am (very early) – US History exam (yes, I will be proctoring the exam – yay!)

NOTE: I will return your Unit 5 test to you in class on Friday so you have it for your review process.