Homework Week of Oct 1 – 8 PLUS Citation Information for Work Cited Page

Due October 3:

  • Read pages 95 – 102 in our textbook
  • Revise your Spanish/British colonization outline and include a Works Cited page – see information below about specific citation information

Due Oct 8:

  • Read pages 103 – 112 and 122 to 123
  • Watch “Declaration of Independence” 
  • Please try to watch it twice and read along with the copy in your textbook.  The Declaration consists of four sections.  Listen for the transitions between the different sections of the document.  I have made a Listening Key for you but first try it on your own.

Works Cited Information:

  • Remember to use the OWL website (in our LINKS section) to help you format your citations
  • For our lecture power points, use this type of citation:

    Speeches, Lectures, or Other Oral Presentations (including Conference Presentations)

    Provide the speaker’s name. Then, give the title of the speech (if any) in quotation marks. Follow with the name of the meeting and organization, the location of the occasion, and the date. Use the descriptor that appropriately expresses the type of presentation (e.g., Address, Lecture/Power Point, Reading, Keynote Speech, Guest Lecture, Conference Presentation). Remember to use the abbreviation n.p. if the publisher is not known; usen.d. if the date is not known.

    Stein, Bob. “Computers and Writing Conference Presentation.” Purdue University. Union Club Hotel, West Lafayette, IN. 23 May 2003. Keynote Address.

  • For the Emigrating to Jamestown handout I gave you – the link is broken and I cannot access the original site. So I am offering you a different site that contains the same information:  Jamestown Interpretive Essay – Emigration.  My apologies!