REVISED: Homework Due Tuesday, Sept 25th/ Thursday Sept 27/October 1st

Due Tuesday, Sept 25th:

Read and annotate “Massacre at Mystic” using the handout about Point of View as a reference.  Be prepared to discuss what happened, the events that caused the Massacre and the consequences after the event.  In addition follow the steps on the Point of View (POV) Handout to identify the POV in this essay – you may write this information on the back of the reading packet or on a separate sheet of paper.

Due Thursday, Sept 27th:

Study for our Unit 2 Test – in preparation please complete the Key Concepts/Identifications for this unit (listed on the unit outline).  A HARD COPY of the IDs are due at the beginning of the period, before we take the test. The Unit 2 Test consists of multiple choice questions and short answer questions – there will be not extended response question.

You may turn in your Current Events assignment on Thursday or the following Monday, Oct 1.

Due Monday, October 1st:

Your homework for Oct 1 will be to write an outline of an essay answering the following question:

“To what extent were the motives, process and legacy of the British colonization of North America similar to the Spanish colonization of Central and South America?”

Feel free to begin to gather information now to answer this question – please bring a HARD COPY of the outline to class on Monday, Oct 1st.  You should also bring an electronic copy!