Homework Due Friday, Sept 7

Begin to review for our Unit 1 Test on Tuesday, Sept 11.  Also I have included the questions from today’s in-class small group work – you may want to review the information you received from your classmates and determine if you need to find additional information to answer these questions.  These are all possible questions for the Unit Test.


Small Group Work Questions – Unit 1

  1. What were the Spanish motives for colonization of the Americas?
  2. How did the Spanish settle their colonies?
  3. How did the Spanish govern their colonies?
  4. How did the Spanish treat the native people?
  5. What was the role of religion in the Spanish colonies?
  6. What economic activities did the Spanish pursue?
  7. How did the Spanish resolve their labor needs?
  8. What is the legacy of the Spanish colonization of Latin/North America? (Be creative – you know of legacies that may not be “in the book”.)