Homework Due Wed., Sept 5

  1. Revise your Current Event response – please staple the original response to the back of your new version.  There is no need to print a new copy of your article.  Hard copy due at the beginning of class.
  2. Review the following pages in your textbook (this was an earlier homework assignment): 36 – 41.
  3. Answer the following questions based on this reading selection – please use topic sentences and supporting evidence:
  • How were the Spanish able to conquer the Native American peoples?
  • How did the wealth from the Americas enrich the country of Spain?
  • Why did the Spanish begin to explore the lands north of Mexico? What did these explorers find in these lands?
  • How did the Spanish try to change Native American cultures?  For what reason?
  • How did the Native American peoples react to these changes? Give specific examples.