Second Semester Final Exam – Essay Questions and other review information

You will have a choice of essay questions on the final exam.  These questions will be comprehensive, i.e., looking at themes we studied throughout the semester, rather than smaller, more unit focused essays.  The following themes will be assessed: immigration, imperialism, civil rights and reform movements.  I have still not received any examples of questions from my seniors – I will offer some examples in class from last year.

Areas not covered: WWI and Jazz Age

Areas to focus: Civil War and Reconstruction, Imperialism, Progressive Era, Great Depression, World War II (content – not essay questions), and Civil Rights Movement.  Review past tests/quizzes to see the content and type of multiple choice questions.  Give the Civil Rights movement extra attention because there will be a section of multiple choice specifically about this unit.

Review the Supreme Court cases we discussed over the semester as well as the various doctrines – i.e., Monroe Doctrine, Roosevelt’s Corollary, Manifest Destiny, etc.  Also review the specific pieces of legislation we studied – i.e., the Constitutional Amendments (covered in second semester), Civil Rights Acts, the Glass-Steigall Act, etc.