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Homework Due May 3/4

Both classes are working together to build one Google Slide Share presentation about significant WWII Events.  The instructions for the assignment are on the presentation (click here for the link).  Below are the events and the assigned author: Battle of the Atlantic – Matthew P Battle of Stalingrad – Fiona North African Front – Anavi …

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World War II Resources

WWII Power Point Unit 11 Outline

Homework Due April 30/May 1

Please respond to the following questions in your textbook – hard copy due at the beginning of class: Page 677 – Q# 1 and 4 Page 683 – Q# 4 and 5 Page 700 – Q# 2, 3 and 5 Page 707 – Q# 3 NOTE: Period 7 Students – here is the link to …

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Homework Due April 26/27

Bring a hard copy of the outline of your presentation to class.  I do not expect your outline to contain all the information that you will have in your Power Point slides however I want to see how you are planning on structuring your presentation, ie how you are getting from your learning objectives to …

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Homework Due Wed April 11/Thurs April 12 – Identifications (Hard Copy in class)

Key Concepts: ü  Mobilize ü  Pacifists ü  Blockade ü  Conscientious objector ü  Armistice ü  Propaganda ü  Reparations ü  War-guilt clause ü  Quota system   Identifications ü  Lusitania ü  U-boats ü  Zimmerman note ü  Allies/Central Powers ü  Selective Service Act ü  Convoy system ü  General John J. Pershing ü  American Expeditionary Force (AEF) ü  Committee on …

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Homework Due April 5/6

Complete any revisions to your Research Project Planning Worksheet and bring HARD COPY to class. Begin to do some serious research on your topic.  The first presentation will be on April 30th and I will assign the presentation order based on priority:  IB Diploma candidates and IB Certificate Candidates have priority due to their test …

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New Units: 9 and 10 (World War 1 and the Great Depression)

We will study units 9 and 10 as one larger unit and have one assessment for both.  Here are the outlines and the PPTs: Unit 9 Outline Unit 10 Outline World War I PPT Great Depression PPT

Essay Questions – Unit 8 Test

You will have a choice of two of these four possible essay questions – you may bring a list of quotes (to be used as citations) but no outline, thesis, topic sentences, etc.  (Do not quote any of the power  points – you may quote the textbook and/or other sources – and you may use …

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