Homework – Second Semester Research Project Preparation – Due March 12/13

Our research project for second semester is a power point presentation.  You will need to choose three potential topics for your presentation.  It may be a person, event, movement, war, etc. – in the past topics have included: the War on Drugs, the Dust Bowl, the polio vaccine, Margaret Sanger, the March on Washington, etc.  There are only two requirements – your topic must be from the 20th century and it cannot be a major event (i.e., World War II – however you could discuss the carpet bombing of European cities during the war).  Your topic will need to be very specific and you MUST have my approval before you start researching it.

Bring to class three specific topics on a HARD COPY – be prepared to defend your choice!

The documents below are to give you an idea of what the project includes – you do NOT need to complete any of these documents – just bring your research ideas.


Research Project PPT Exemplar


Research Project Rubric