Homework Jan 27 – Feb 3: Research Paper / Civil War Reading Assignment

Slavery Paper

Your homework for the next week will be to complete your slavery paper.  On Friday/Monday we will be watching a movie in class (you may bring a snack) – after the movie you will have the rest of the class period to work on the research paper.

The FINAL DUE DATE FOR ALL CLASSES is Monday, Feb 6th (IASAS students Feb 8th).  Do not ask for an extension because I will not grant one.  A HARD COPY of your research paper (with a title page and a Works Cited page), all rough drafts and outlines MUST be submitted to me by 3 pm on Feb 6.  If any of the pieces listed above are not attached, then the entire assignment is considered late. REMEMBER to submit your FINAL VERSION to TurnItIn.com – I do not need a receipt.

We will have a “Writers’ Workshop” in the Library on Tuesday (Jan 31) and Wednesday (Feb 1).  See calendar for location.


Civil War Reading Assignment

On Thursday/Friday we begin the Civil War/Reconstruction Unit – I am giving you the reading assignment for this unit now in case you want to get a head start. You must have these pages read by Feb 2/3.

Textbook: pages 212 – 218, 222 – 223 (map), 230 – 232, 236 (see image on bottom of page), 240 – 243, 248 – 253, 304 – 317, 318 – 323