August 2011 archive

Colonial Era – Resources

Map of 13 Colonies Map of all European Colonies 1750 Summary of 13 Colonies French Colonization of the Americas New Sweden Map of Colonial America (no boundary lines) Map of Colonial America (no boundary lines – color)  Interactive Map of the United States (color – all 50 states) Exploration of the North American Colonies (interactive) …

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Register for and PantherNet

Click on the link on the right side of our blog.  Please register for the account assigned to your class period. US History – Corning – Period 4 – Course # 4278508 – Password: corning US History – Corning – Period 7 – Course # 4278509 – Password: corning Students new to ISB will …

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Current Events – Period 1 ONLY

Current Event journal entry due Sept 1 – please remember to bring both the original article and your response (hard copy!)

Homework Due Sept 1/2 – TEST DATES CHANGED!!

Respond to questions # 1-4 on the Application Worksheet and the Essential Questions listed on the Unit Overview.  These responses, in addition to your identifications, will be a good review for our Unit 1 Test. Please bring a hard copy to class. Unit 1 Test dates have been changed to: Sept 5 (P1) and Sept …

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Homework Due Aug 30 (P7)/ 31 (P4)

In textbook, review pages 20 – 41 in preparation for your Unit 1 Test. Continue to add information to your chart/notes about Spanish motives, process and effects/legacy of their colonization of the Americas. Remember Unit 1 Identifications also are due on this dates.

Unit 1 Test Dates / Identifications

Unit 1 Test Dates: Period 7 – September 1 Period 4 – September 2 The test will include identifications, short answer and one essay question. Unit 1 Identifications – due August 30/31.

Homework – Food Chart – Due Aug 26 (P7) / Aug 29 (P4)

Complete the food chart – please DO not Google or look for the answers.  Respond using the knowledge you already have – it will be more fun that way!

Homework Due August 24 (P7) / 25 (P1)

Read and take notes (motives, processes and effects/legacy of Spanish colonization of the Americas): “Why the world is the way it is” “In ‘1493’ Columbus Shaped a World To Be” “Conquest and Colonization” Textbook – review the pages you have already read for any additional examples Also create a works cited page for the first …

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Three Worlds Meet Powerpoint Presentation – Revised

Three-Worlds-Meet  (Revised version with hyperlinks to maps, documents, etc.) I have uploaded our Unit 1 PPT – you are NOT required to review it this weekend. You may print the slides and use them to take notes in class – or not, your choice.  For those students who were transferred to the new section and …

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Homework Due August 22 (P7) / August 23 (P4)

Textbook – read pages 36 – 48.  Just a reminder that you DO NOT need to bring your textbook to class.