Second Semester Exam Review – Revised (Part C)

The Final Exam will consist of three parts (100 points total):

Part A – Multiple Choice – 40 questions, one point each – focus on WWII, the Cold War through the 1960s (Vietnam until the fall of Saigon in the 1970s) and the Civil Rights Movement.  This section will NOT cover the Progressive Movement, WWI, the Great Depression or the New Deal.

Part B – OPVL Analysis – you will have four documents to complete an OPVL analysis.  Please review the OPVL process (see the Links!) – 5 points each, 20 points total.

Part C – Essay Questions – I am giving you these questions in a separate post. I want you to prepare these in advance – I will select four to put on the test; you need to answer one.  You may NOT bring a prep sheet but I encourage you to create one at home to help you prepare to answer these essays and use it as a study guide.  You are NOT expected to provide citations (although they will be happily accepted!)  40 points total.

Just a gentle reminder that your exam is 20% of your second semester grade.  Study well, get enough sleep and good luck!