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WWII / Cold War Resources

Origins of the Cold War Cold_War_Power_Point World War II Japanese Internment Camps – Power Point Japanese-American Internment Photos U.S. Government Video – Justification Japanese Internment – First Person Account

Homework Due April 28

Hard Copy of Note Taking Worksheets and an OPVL analysis of ONE of your sources. Read in your textbook:  775 – 783, 784 – 793, skim 796 – 801. Bring the WWII handout and your work that you did in class on Tuesday.

Unit 9 and 10 Quiz on Tuesday

Just finished typing the quiz – 25 multiple choice drawn from the Identifications/Key Concepts and the Power Point presentations.

Homework Due – April 26, 28 and May 2

April 26:  Read the two page handout about WWII that you received in class, complete Unit 10 Identifications and be ready for the Unit 9/10 Quiz. April 28:  Hard Copy of all note-taking worksheets plus ONE OPVL analysis. May 2:  Hard Copy of PowerPoint presentation due to me at the beginning of class – two …

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Unit 11 Essential Questions

Why was America socially, economically, and politically reluctant to become involved in what would become World War II? Explain the causes of American isolationism in the 1930s, and trace the reasons for the disintegration of this isolationism. World War II marked the beginning of a real civil rights movement among Black Americans. Why? Explain how …

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Unit 10 Essential Questions

Why beliefs or assumptions led to Hoover’s failure to adequately deal with the deteriorating economic situation during his years as President? Discuss how the decade of the 20s paved the way for the collapse of the American economy in the decade of the 30s. It has been said that the Depression changed forever the relationship …

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Great Depression/New Deal PPT

Great Depression PPT

Attention Seniors!

As you probably know, your last day in my class is May 19 (sniff, sniff) and your exam is on May 25 from 7:30 to 9:45 am. We will not be able to review in class however I will put together a review and post it to this blog – you will have to review …

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Unit 9: Jazz Age PPT

A Power Point from the textbook publisher – as a review of the material we covered Monday in class:  Jazz Age PPT

Unit 10: Great Depression/New Deal Identifications – Due April 26

Credit Speculation Buying on margin Black Tuesday Hawley-Smoot Tariff Act (1930) Shantytown – Hoovervilles Soup kitchen/bread line Dust bowl Direct relief Herbert Hoover Boulder Dam Federal Home Loan Bank Act Franklin Delano Roosevelt Glass-Steagall Act Federal Securities Act Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Deficit spending Eleanor Roosevelt Works Progress Administration (WPA) Social Security Act Federal Deposit …

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