Chapter 11 & 12 Test Feb 3rd – Review Questions

  1. To what extent did the Civil War have an effect on the U.S. Constitution?
  2. Compare and contrast the Confederate and Union positions on the abolishment of slavery.
  3. Who were the following people and what were their roles in the war:  Stonewall Jackson, William Sherman, Robert E. Lee, Ulysses S. Grant.
  4. Compare and contrast the plans for the reconstruction as advocated by Lincoln, Johnson and the Radical Republicans in Congress.
  5. How did the Battle of Antietam affect the outcome of the Civil War?
  6. What is the legacy of the Civil War in American history? (Hint – see Antietam article!)
  7. To what extent were Lincoln’s tactics for dealing with dissenters during the Civil War unconstitutional?
  8. Compare and contrast the advantages of the North and the South at the beginning of the Civil War.
  9. What were the major causes for the Southern States to secede?  What were the goals of their secession?  Why did some Southern States NOT secede?
  10. Why did Lincoln not declare the Emancipation Proclamation in 1861?  Why did he do so in 1863?
  11. Why were the Lincoln-Douglas debates important in the build-up to the Civil War?
  12. What was life like on the home-front during the Civil War?  What were the key economic/social issues that challenged the North and the South?
  13. How was the Southern economy/society affected by the war?
  14. How were white and black soldiers treated differently during the Civil War?