Reflecting on TEDxYouth@ISBangkok

7 minutes of fame – that’s the time you’ve got to deliver the most powerful and life changing speech you’ll probably ever make in your entire life. This is when you need to give it your all and give it your best shot – no matter what happens. And we all did it: from the teachers, to the audience, to the tech team, and to the Ted Talkers. Everyone collaborated in harmony to create the ultimate experience. We all succeeded that day. We all made our 7 minutes of fame.
-Chris Chhouk

This TEDx Youth event was just an incredible experience for me, not only as a student, but also as just a human and future contributor to the world, someone who will be playing a role in making decisions for the world. Every single one of us in our generation needs to learn about all the issues that have been talked about, and these speakers’ talks truly made me think about what our society really needs to do to make sure the world has a sustainable future.  I found that each and every presentation had a great impact on the audience, and left the world thinking about something new. The arts getting integrated into the event was also an additional emphasis on TED’s core beliefs and sharing of ideas. Fantastic experience overall, loved it!
-Tarini Arte

“Overall the TED Talk was a very intriguing experience for me. It allowed me not only to develop my skills in language but to also learn to express my ideas and practice what we learned in class. In addition, it gave me an opportunity to express my knowledge of an issue that I care about to a global audience. Overall, it was very fun and I am glad that I had this amazing opportunity to spread my ideas on an issue that is personal to me. I would definitely recommend continuing this tradition every year.”
-Brandon Friedman

I was amazed with the audience participation during the speech because when I cued the audience, everyone shouted out “Green Tea” which gave me confidence. There were several laughs from the audience throughout my speech and I was really overwhelmed by the atmosphere there. I was nervous at first but I did not make big mistakes and everyone delivered great speeches. After the speech, many people came to me and said they will start drinking green tea which made me really happy.  It became one of my greatest experiences.
-Hinako Murai

Throughout the speech, I was nervous and scared that I was going to ruin my speech, but also it was exciting at the same time. The audience seemed to be very interested throughout the presentation and although I messed up some of my lines, I would do it again because the feeling of being on stage and presenting something that I am interested about is an opportunity that does not always come to a student like me.
-Mutiara Windraskinasih

I was honored to share my ideas and message under the banner of TED, also just two days before the Indian Republic day.  My talk, “Voices from the Villages” is something I’m personally connected with and it was very meaningful to me to realize the importance of empowering villagers and how transferable empowerment is to other nations especially Thailand and developing countries. I am happy to make this small contribution in the vast ocean of how much can be done and needs to be done for the rural folks, especially women.  I thank ISB and Tedx for giving me this opportunity, which I will take forward in my life to empower myself and others, especially through my classical dancing
-Anuka King

This was truly an amazing experience. My nerves were raging but as I began, it was a breath taking experience. I’m so grateful to have partaken in this. Everyone did wonderful and it could not have gone any better. Now I hope that my message is heard and heeded.
-Leeann Schudel

This experience taught me how to be confident in front of an audience. I also learned that one is never too young to be able to present their ideas and create something inspiring. I think the event went magnificently, and the speakers spoke well beyond their years. The project was very well-organized and presented.
-Benjamin Blackstone

In my opinion, this entire project was fantastic. Not only did I get to perform a topic that I am interested in infront of my family and friends, but i got experience in public speaking. I had so much fun on stage, Thursday night, even messing up was pretty funny. I am also really happy to have something published on the actual TED website. Definitely one of my favorite events at this school so far.
– Xavi Del Rosario

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