School Closure – Thursday 8 April 2010

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Hi there Students of Room 231.

No doubt you all enjoyed going back to sleep when you discovered that school was closed today.  If you are checking this blog today – well done – there will be “Hellyer Bucks” for those of you that leave me a comment on this post telling which activities from the list below you completed!

Things to do:

#  Read a book (at least 90 minutes – ‘cos that’s 45 minutes of normal class reading + usual homework)

#  Log onto Math Investigations (click on Math category to see post how to do that if you’ve forgotten or check the wiki (learning links) for the link.

  • Use LogoPaths Free Explore to build different types of hexagons.  Record the steps in a blog post on your blog.
  • Draw polygons without using degrees that end in 0 or 5.  Don’t forget to record the steps and write a blog post about how you did this – What did you have to think about?  How did you work it out?

#   Have a go at creating a math tutorial using Screen Toaster.  You could teach your classmates a favourite strategy for solving 3-digit multiplication/division or how to find equivalent fractions, simplify fractions – anything you like.  Screen Toaster is fun and easy.  Try it out – see what you can create!  Then I’ll show you how to embed it in your blog when school opens again.

#  Have a jolly good look around for any of those books that are overdue on the Learning Hub Overdue list that I posted yesterday.

#  Work on your PSA (if you can)

#  Write a reflection on your blog about a strategy that has been helpful during our Historical Fiction Unit of Study. Explain if it was useful – How was it useful? What did you realise when you used the strategy?

#   Work on your Realistic Fiction Story.  I know most of you won’t have your writing with you – some of you may have your flash drive – but I know most of you won’t.  But you do know what needs revising.  You could try writing a scene “fresh” without seeing your original writing – it might make your writing clearer!

Above all else, stay safe, enjoy the day and please – at least do some extra reading today – for me!

See you when school opens!

Ms H