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Read this post by Mr McGuire. The Reading Workshop: How To Grade Student Blogs

He’s a teacher of students that blog just like you do.  He raises some very good points about posting cleanly on your blog.

Click this link to read his post about PUGS!

We are going to use Mr McGuire’s blogging rubric called Stairs Steps to Success to help us improve our blog posts.

End of RQNW – Reflection

We’ve come to the end of our second Personal Narrative Writing Unit – Raising the Quality of Narrative Writing.  Your next blog task is to reflection on how Writing Workshop worked for you as you focused on gathering more unpolished gems,  chose an unpolished gem to work with, and then began to polish it and polish it into the best gem ever.Flickr Photo Download: Gems

You can use the following questions to help you with your reflection post and remember to link back to this post on our class blog.

What did you learn?
How did it go for you?
What’s still confusing?
What will you try to do next time we come back to Narrative Writing?

I’m looking forward to reading your reflections!

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Raising the Quality of Our Writing

My Original Entry

I’ve been thinking a lot about my grandma.  She died when I was 15 years old, and even though that many years and some have since passed, I still miss her just as much now as I did back then.  There’s so much that I never got to share with her like getting married, she would have been an honoured guest of course.

Raising the Quality

I’ve been thinking a lot about my grandma.  Maybe it’s because she died 25 years ago today.  Maybe it’s because I miss her just as much now as I did back then.  Maybe it’s because there’s so much that I never got to share with her.


I really wanted to show how much I was missing my grandma still, even though it’s been such a long time since she passed away. I used the technique repetition that I had seen Sandra Cisneros use in her story “Eleven.  I used  “Maybe it’s because ……” to help me show all the reasons why I was missing my grandma.  I hope that’s what the reader notices too.

7 Random Facts About Ms H

1.  I LOVE venti latte from Starbucks.

2. I’m a real computer geek.

3.  Bagpipes, violin, guitar and bass guitar are some of the instruments I can play.

4.  If I could read all day, every day, I would.

5.  I have 3 children.

6.  In my collection of seahorses, I have wall hangings, pictures, plates, bowls, glasses, keychains, pens, ruler, plastic chopsticks  and my favourite is my seahorse coffee mug.

7.  Taking photos is a hobby of mine.

Window into Our Learning

Welcome to the wonderful world of Digital Literacy.

This blog will be your window into our learning in Room 231.  We hope you visit often.  We hope you leave us comments.  We hope you enjoy reading our classroom happenings!

Below is a simple and very clever guide to commenting on Blogs that we will be following when we visit other class blogs.  This will help us with our literacy goal for this year to read and comment on more blogs during the week.

Here is a short and simple guide for elementary age school students.


  • Acknowledge the author of the blog post.
  • Let the author know if you agree with him/her and why.
  • It is also ok to disagree with something, just let the author know why you feel that way.
  • One word comments are not very useful. Writing just “cool” or “nice” are not very helpful and don’t let the author of the blog post really know what you are thinking.
  • Always make sure you follow “netiquette”. Think if it is appropriate BEFORE you hit the submit button.
  • Always be polite . It does not matter if you agree or disagree with what you are reading in a blog. Don’t write anything you would be ashamed of saying to someone’s face. Don’t hurt somebody’s feelings.
Thanks to Ms Tolisano (Langwitches) for sharing this with us all so that we can comment on blogs better.