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Since Ms H visits EVERYONE’s classroom around the Elementary School, sometimes it can be a long time before she comes back into your classroom or you see her passing by in the hallways.

This page has been created so that you can ask your questions here and she’ll either pop into your classroom to give you an answer, or try to answer your question(s) right here in the comments.

Remember to leave your first name only, and your classroom (eg: rm231).

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12 thoughts on “Ask Ms H

  1. When you are changing the theme of your blog, how do you format it with the left and right columns? When you chose the theme it tells you what features are available, but I can’t find how to adjust/set the features. I think it may be somewhere under appearances….

    Also, I think the theme allows me to change the photo in the band at the top…is there a place that tells me how to do this.

    Mrs. Melhorn

    • Hey Mrs Melhorn
      Great question! You can’t adjust/set the features of a theme. If you’re specifically looking for a sidebar on the left and a sidebar on the right, then you need to look for one that looks like that. If you want just one sidebar, then you look at the images of the themes and preview the ones you like the look of.

      If you want to change the header (image in the band at the top), you’re looking for a theme that has a customisable header. In the little blurb underneath the theme name, it tells you if the theme has a customisable header or not. Some of the themes that have customisable headers are: Chaotic Soul 1.2; Connections; Contempt (all on pg 1), Regulus; Seashore 1.0; (pg4).

      Hope that helps!

  2. I went back to look at my chosen theme. It is “Atahualpa” and the picture shows side bars on the left and right. It also says the header can be customisable (is that a word????). There is only a right side-bar now. When I read the blurb, it says something about up to 4 sidebars. I don’t know how to get the left sidebar.

    This is a good place for our questions, and I will link it to our blog.

    • Ah, I think I know what’s happening now. Yes, your theme does have left and right sidebars. If you don’t have any widgets on your sidebar, then it will appear like there’s no sidebar there. Try to add new widgets (from the theme widgets page) to see if that’s the case. You can customise the header of this theme – you need to have an image that you want to use. Do you have one in mind (the blog will automatically resize the image for you & shows you what it looks like before you go ahead with the change.

  3. Mrs. H, on prezi I want to make a christmas newsletter. I was wondering if I could, because you usually say we should use our accounts to show our learning, but the christmas newsletter won’t show my learning.

    • Great question Karina – I was thinking that Prezi really might not be the best “tool” for the job for a Christmas Newsletter. It’s really a presentation tool. So I got to thinking about what might be a good tool for you to use for a Christmas Newsletter. First we need to decide what you are going to do with this newsletter – are you going to send it to your family and friends (ie: snail mail or email?), do you want to publish it to the web so that your family & friends can view it? If it’s snail mail or email, then you should use something like pages or word to create your newsletter (pages is way cool because it comes with GREAT newsletter templates already). But if you’re doing this at home & you don’t have a mac then pages isn’t an option – but Word is. You could also create something online – use an internet based tool like Letterpop (it has a free basic version) and you create your newsletter online for free then send it to your friends & family – it’s VERY cool and very easy to use! (I’d recommend using that if you don’t have pages at home). Let me know if you need any help!

  4. Ms. H,

    I like how you have the “HOW TO” category. I was looking for one that the class could visit that would give them reminders about how to post pictures from flicker onto their blog. Also, are their guidelines that the students should follow when they want to upload their own photos to post on their blogs? (For example, photos that they took on a field trip or with the class camera at school.)

    Mrs. Melhorn

    • Thanks for your very good questions Mrs Melhorn! There’s a post somewhere about posting flickr images onto your blog ….. if I can’t find it, I’ll make another one.

      There’s a great discussion to be had about photos you’ve taken of other people and whether or not you can post them onto your blog. We don’t have a specific guideline about that, but it is both respectful and ethical to ask the permission of people who are included in your photos about whether you can post it on your blog. Our AUP (which everyone signed at the beginning of the year) says this:

      1. Respect and protect the privacy of self and others
      1) I will respect the work and files of others and agree not to open, copy, change, delete, or damage files or folders that I did not create, help to create, or have permission from the author(s) to collaborate on.
      2) I will keep my password and login name private and will only use my own accounts.
      3) I will never give out personal information (full name, address, phone number, photo, school name) about myself or anyone else while online.

      If in doubt, it’s always good to remind ourselves about this: Our blogs at ISB are about showing our learning. Is this the best image to show what I was learning?

  5. Hi Ms H.

    I teach a Year 6 class in Rouse Hill, NSW, Australia. We have just started a class blog and we have added your blog to follow and comment on. We would love for you to visit our blog at and see what we are doing and leave comments for us.

    We hope to hear from you soon and start a friendship between our class and yours.

    Mr Lindsay and 6L

    • Thanks for leaving us a comment Mr Lindsay and 6L. We’d love to connect with you! I don’t have a class of my own anymore, but I’m sure that I can find a class that wants to connect with you once school gets going again. Keep an eye out for a comment from us, sometime in September perhaps!

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