Being Safe Online

As you begin to blog this year at ISB, there’s a lot of things that we all need to learn more about.  Keeping ourselves safe online is a pretty important topic so here’s a fun way for us to start!

Task One

  • Watch the video below (Thanks Mr Mayo for posting this one)
  • Talk with 3 others and brainstorm all the “not-so-safe” things that Jennifer does
  • Leave a comment on this post listing everything that your group could think of
  • Now check out the Smart-Rules


iPad Apps for the Classroom

It’s exciting to be able to use iPad2’s in the classroom this year with our Kindergarten classes.

Using, I’ve created a resource to help us, help each other keep track of the really cool apps we discover along our “iPads in the Classroom” journey.  Click on the bold link, or on the image below to get to the  iPad Apps for the Classroom LiveBinder.

iPad Apps for the Classroom