Specially Thai

We’ve been contacted by a K-8 Music Teacher at St. Edward’s Catholic Parish/School, Racine, Wisconsin in the USA.
Her 7th graders are beginning a world music unit. One of the groups chose Thailand. We’ve been asked if we could possibly share some music or dancing that comes from Thailand.

Isn’t it lucky that we’ve just celebrated Songkran, with our special ES Songkran Assembly? In the assembly, lots of Elementary students got to perform two traditional thai dances with our very own students providing the music for one of them as well! Even luckier, was our fabulous Thai Teaching Assistants & two ES teachers singing the King’s Anthem.

We hope that you enjoy the 3 videos we’ve prepared for you, St Edward’s 7th Graders – and we’re ready to answer any questions you may have – please leave us any comments or questions by clicking on the red comments link (at the bottom of this post).




2 thoughts on “Specially Thai

  1. Hello
    I love your Thai dancing, it was amazing and so entertaining to watch! I love dancing to! Great blog, I really enjoyed it. Keep up the good work:)
    Happy Blogging

  2. Hello Room 231.
    I am a 10 year old girl from Australia. We don’t really do dances like this so I found it very interesting. Your dancing is very good. Your costumes are amazing. You must have put lots of time and effort into that! The drum playing was very good. It sounded so interesting. When you danced I felt very excited to watch more. The Kings Anthem sounded beautiful. The only problem was I couldn’t understand it. Everybody looked and sounded amazing! In our assemblies we sometimes sing the national anthem as well. We also sing songs to praise God. Our princial talks to us about things that we should do i.e. Be Kind and Empathetic. We also watch a video which some girls in Year 6 have made. We here messages that are important and reminders. Your blog is amazing. WOW! You have had 7378 visitors. I started blogging this year as well and it is very fun. Your blog is very nice and I enjoyed visiting!
    Continue dancing like superstars!

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