Wylio – Embedding Creative Commons Images & Attribution Made Easy!

Introducing Wylio.com **** Updated scroll to bottom****

To use when you need to embed a Creative Commons image in a blog post.

This site is SO simple, so easy and only 4 steps from finding a creative commons image to embedding it in a post for your blog!!

Step 1

Free Pictures - Wylio.com

Step 2

Step 2

Step 3


Step 4

step 4
All images uploaded with Skitch!

You can still use compfight – but wylio is so much easier for embedding creative commons images & the bonus is the attribution is done for you – all in only 4 EASY steps!


Wylio.com - free pictures

Of course, in this ever changing world of technology – Wylio has changed slightly since I first posted about it!
Due to it’s growing popularity ….. Wylio now requires you to create a free account & login to use.  You can use your google account if you have one!

My advice, for classroom teachers would be to create a class google account for Wylio – one email address, one password – for the whole class to remember.
(A class google account can come in handy for all kinds of other things in the classroom – another blog post for later).

3 thoughts on “Wylio – Embedding Creative Commons Images & Attribution Made Easy!

  1. Hi Ms. H!

    Today Mrs. Melhorn showed us about Wylio on your blog! Kei had looked at your blog and used some pictures of the Grand Canyon for a post, and the pictures were from Wylio! Wylio seems much easier than Comfight. I think I might start using it! Thanks! Your blog has a ton of things and posts on it that help me learn!!

    • Because you have a class google account (for your YouTube channel) I’d use that google account to sign up for wylio – it’s still free – it’s just that they are collecting their user data now.

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