Changing Your Blog Theme

Over the Winter Break, we upgraded our blogging platform and add some very cool, new themes.  Soon we will also be deleting some old themes that either don’t work or don’t look good.

If you are using one of these themes on your blog you’ll want to change your theme in the next couple of weeks.

CAUTION: Changing your theme can cause you to loose your widgets. Write down the order of your widgets and and copy and paste any code you have into a document before updating your them.

Themes to be deleted the first of February:

  • 72 Class
  • Anarchy
  • Black Letterhead
  • Blue Moon
  • Borderline
  • Chaotic Soul
  • Day Dream
  • Gental Calm
  • Hemingway
  • Man-ja
  • Redoable
  • Veryplaintxt
  • Primitivo

Check out the new themes we’ve added!


Twenty Ten

This theme is so good that it’s the new default theme for all ISB student blogs. It’s a great theme, easy to use. You can pload your own picture to use as a header, customize the menu, and the widgets always work!

2010 Weaver

Magazine Basic


Chip Zero

Adventure Journal

Smart One



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