Starting Our Own Blogs

Today 4th Graders are looking at Student Blogs to get an idea of how they want their own blogs to look and work.

We have 3 things to consider and look for today and we explore some of the links on the right hand side of this blog:

  1. What parts are necessary to a student blog?
  2. What catches my eye? What distracts me?
  3. What will my blog need on it?

G4’s, write your findings in the comments of this post.

Welcome 2010 – 2011!

It’s official!  The 2010-2011 school year has begun here at ISB.

This blog used to be a classroom blog for 5th Grade students in Room 231.  I’m not in the classroom this year – my role has changed.  This year I’m the Elementary School Technology & Learning Coach.  Instead of working with only 5th Graders, I get to work with PreK students right through to 5th Grade, which is really cool!

The 5th Graders who are in the real classroom Rm 231 are hosting their classroom blog under their teacher’s name Mr Lam.

I’m still deciding what to do with this blog.  We had quite a number of readers last year and it would be a shame to let this blog go.  One idea is to keep it running as a sample classroom blog for the teachers who are new to ISB and blogging with a classroom blog, or to keep it as a training blog for PD Sessions that are run throughout the year.

What do you think?