OVERDUE Reading Books

Thank you so much to those of you that have checked and double-checked your homes for our missing Learning Hub library books & our missing ES BookRoom books.  As a result of the checking Ms H’s total of 85 missing books has shrunk to 16 books!  That’s still 16 missing books though.

PLEASE pretty please check your bedrooms, under your beds, in your bookshelves, in your lounges, everywhere and anywhere at home to see if you have any of these missing titles again.  Bring them back to school as soon as possible please!  No questions asked!  Ms H’s own personal copy of Percy Jackson’s Sea of Monsters is still missing  – I’d really, really like it back.


Due: 1/25/2010

“Oceans” (from our Non-Fiction Study in January!)

Due: 2/23/2010

“Nothing beats a pizza”  (from our Poetry Unit in February!)

(have a white sticker on the front saying ES Bookroom)

Due: 1/27/2010

“Are you there God? It’s me, Margaret / Level T”

Due: 1/29/2010

“Junie B. Jones and her big fat mouth : Level M”

Due: 3/18/2010

“Wringer / Level U”

Due: 9/23/2009

“Henry and Ribsy / Level O”

Due: 9/23/2009

“Amber Brown goes fourth : Level N”

Due: 9/23/2009

“What would Joey do? : Level T”

Due: 1/27/2010

“The Paint Brush Kid : Level M”

Due: 9/23/2009

“Edward’s eyes : Level S”

Due: 1/27/2010

“Ivy + Bean : Level M

Due: 9/23/2009

“How I survived middle school collection : Level S Volume 1″

Due: 3/18/2010

“Almost late to school : and more school poems /Level O”

Due: 3/18/2010

“A year down yonder : Level V” (2 copies)

Due: 3/2/2010

“Julie : Level U”

Due: 4/8/2010

“Amber Brown sees red : Level O”

A note from the Learning Hub:
There is no more checking out of books from the hub.  Inventory of all the books is about to begin.  We need all outstanding library books back to the hub by Friday May 27th please.

Checking out of books (for summer reading) will start again on May 31st. 

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