School Closure – Friday 5 April 2010

Hey there Room 231’s!

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I know it’s very disappointing that our school is closed again and that some of you will be missing out on taking part in the Songkran Ceremony.  I was looking forward to watching you perform it too.  We must keep everyone safe though – so I hope those of you that live downtown are keeping safe and well.

Some of you have been keeping up-to-date with the class blog.  Those of you who haven’t, there’s still a chance to earn “Hellyer Bucks”.  Read this post on how. Don’t forget to leave a comment in this post or yesterday’s post.

Here are some things that you can do today:

#  Read a book (at least 90 minutes – ‘cos that’s 45 minutes of normal class reading + usual homework)

#  Log onto Math Investigations (click here if you’ve forgotten how to log in or check the wiki (learning links) for the link.  Logopath is in the Student Resources

  • Use LogoPaths Free Explore to build different types of hexagons.  Record the steps in a blog post on YOUR own blog – not in the comments below please.
  • Draw polygons without using degrees that end in 0 or 5.  Don’t forget to record the steps and write a blog post on your own blog about how you did this – What did you have to think about?  How did you work it out?
  • Use Polygon Pairs (not Free Explore) Draw 3 pairs of polygons.  Are the polygons in each pair similar or not similar?  Explain how you know.  Be sure to include the tools you used (Label Turns, Label Lengths, Overlay commands) to help you decide.
    Take a screen shot (apple, shift 4 – on a mac / how to take screenshot on a PC) upload the screenshot to our flickr account and then use it in a blog post on your own blog please. Don’t forget to include the answers to the questions about whether they are similar or not similar.

#  Your Realistic Fiction story does need to be finished completely.  You”ll have a whole week to publish your story on your blog.  Please remember that this is a published copy – you need to double check your spelling and your grammar.
If your story is at school – then you will need to finish it for homework during the first week back at school.  If you have your flash drive with you, you can work on your story, and get it up on your blog – it can remain in draft form if you are not happy with your story and want to work on it some more.
(Do not copy and paste straight from Word – remember the blog does not like the code inside Word – copy and paste into text edit and then copy and paste from text edit to your blog)

#  If you’re looking for other things to do ….. check out our learning links on the classwiki – there’s a tonne of math, spelling, grammar and reading links for you to enjoy!

Happy Songkran everyone – enjoy your week off – be safe and take care.

Ms H

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