Making Global Connections

A Year 5 class in Sydney Australia has been commenting on our blog.  They want to make some global connections and ask the following questions:

What is your first name? Where do you live? What school do you go to?
Can you please tell me a little about a typical school day?
What activities do you like to take part in in your spare time?

our blog is

Please take some time to click on the link to their class blog – scroll down to the post about Making Global Connections and leave this class a comment.

Ms H

True or Not?

Today Grade 5 is learning how to evaluate a website – Is it True or Not? Is it reliable?  How do we know?  How can we tell?

By the end of today’s session, students should be able to determine whether a website is a reliable source of information or not.

* Website 1: All About Explorers
* Website 2: Save the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus
* Website 3: The Dog Island
* Website 4: DHMO
* Website 5: Centaur Excavation
* Website 6: Stick Insects
* Website 7: Burmese Mountain Dogs
* Website 8: Mankato, Minnesota