Sustainability Web Activities

Here are some web sites related to sustainability.  Today in class, you will visit some specific areas of these sites with a partner, but you can revisit them any time from home to explore some more.  (At home, you can turn the volume up as loud as you like, but at school, please keep it VERY  low!)

Tip: instead of clicking on the links, use control+click and choose “Open Link in New Tab”.  That way you can easily keep coming back to this post.

When you have tried the sites, please create a post on your own blog answering these two questions:
a) What was the best site or activity in your opinion?  Why?

b) What are three new facts that you learned?

1) EcoKids Home

There are some nifty games that help you learn under “Top Ten Games” or “Games and Activities”.  Try two or three.  One activity (here) lets you figure out how energy efficient you are.  Find the “Blog” icon to see a blog that both students and expert ecologists contribute to.

2) EPA Climate Change Kids Site

Before trying any of the games on this site, read two or three of the topic pages, such as Climate Change: What it is.  There are great explanations on this site sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

3) Scholastic’s Virtual Forest

This is an interactive guide to making “green” choices.

4) Bobby’s Bigfoot Adventure

Help Bobby calculate his ecological footprint.

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