Best Class Edublog 2009 Nomination

Wow – imagine our surprise this morning when we discovered that our class blog has been nominated in the Edublogs Best Class Blog for 2009!!

Best Class Edublog 2009 2013 The Edublog Awards

We are honoured to be included amongst some really awesome Class Blogs.
Blogs nominated in alphabetical order!

  1. Alice Project
  2. All Saints Languages Blog
  3. Billings Middle School Tech Class Blog
  4. Borman Blogging
  5. Class 4OQ’s Blog
  6. Creative Voice
  7. East Dragon Den
  8. English With Rosa
  9. Extreme Biology
  10. Fab4@Work
  11. Forrester High School Int 2 Info Systems
  12. Gelincik Grubu
  13. Griffin Science – 8th Grade
  14. Huzzah!
  15. Intermediate English class blog
  16. Luce Semester 2009
  17. Ka Tangi Hoki Ko Au Room 15 Blog
  18. Law Primary School East Lothian Primary 6 Blog
  19. MrCs Class Blog
  20. Mr McClung’s World
  21. Mrs. Yollis’ Classroom Blog
  22. Ms Mourad’s Absolutely Sensational Learners
  23. Mrs Goerend’s Blog
  24. Planet Infinity
  25. Room 10 Grey Lynn School
  26. Room 18’s Learning Journey blog
  27. Room 231
  28. Rumford Writers
  29. Saint Exupery 6
  30. South Paris Collaborative Chat
  31. Tamaki Tales
  32. Tamaki Primary Blockbusters
  33. Technology in the Classroom
  34. The Greatest Middle School Blog in the World
  35. The Overlakes 6th Grade Blog
  36. The Skinny
  37. Think in English
  38. Watch Out!

Please visit the Best Class Edublog 2009 website and cast your vote for your favourite class blog 2009!

3 thoughts on “Best Class Edublog 2009 Nomination

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog today. I am sorry my webcam wasn’t working, but we are having internet problems and can’t afford the bandwidth. I enjoyed looking at your class blog and noticed that many of the blogs you have on your links are also blogs I like to visit. Good luck with the Edublog contest.
    Mr. C

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