Water Tolerance Blog Post

Room 231 students …….

On YOUR blog, in a blog post ……

  • embed the image of the plant that you were the expert for (from our flickr account – remember to login so that you can grab the code) and
  • write a post detailing it’s range of tolerance and it’s optimal environment.


You many also add any extra information that you have found out about your plant such as it’s more usual environment for growing and any other interesting facts about it (such as how high it grows, what it’s grown for, etc).

See if you can hyperlink back to this post.  $10 H ….. Bucks if you can figure out how to do this successfully. (Hyperlinked means I won’t see the full web address inside your post!)

This post is due by Wednesday 2nd December.

4 thoughts on “Water Tolerance Blog Post

  1. I noticed that you guys are learning about plants. That’s awesome. I like to learn about plants too. Although when I usually try to grow one and learn about it, they always die… Maybe I’m not putting enough water, or too much. Anyway I’m really interested to learn more about your website.

  2. Hello I am from Australia and I love your blog!!!!
    Please visit ours an year5rc and leave a comment as we are new to having a class blog.
    I am in year 5 too.
    Hope to hear from you soon!!!
    Bye:) :) :)

  3. hi, my name is sarah and i go to school in sydney[australia} im in year 5 , my class is learning abotu different countrys around the world .do you mind if i ask you some questiond about your school? feel free to come to our blog year 5rc


  4. Hi
    my name is juliet and I go to school in Sydney. In my class this term we are doing global connections and we have to communicate with other children. I was wondering if you could answer some questions. If you can here are the questions.
    1. What time do you have to get up for school?
    2. What is a normal school day like?
    3. What kind of things do you do out side of school?
    4. What are some of the special occasions you have?
    5. What games do you play in the play ground?

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