Best Class Edublog 2009 Nomination

Wow – imagine our surprise this morning when we discovered that our class blog has been nominated in the Edublogs Best Class Blog for 2009!!

Best Class Edublog 2009 2013 The Edublog Awards

We are honoured to be included amongst some really awesome Class Blogs.
Blogs nominated in alphabetical order!

  1. Alice Project
  2. All Saints Languages Blog
  3. Billings Middle School Tech Class Blog
  4. Borman Blogging
  5. Class 4OQ’s Blog
  6. Creative Voice
  7. East Dragon Den
  8. English With Rosa
  9. Extreme Biology
  10. Fab4@Work
  11. Forrester High School Int 2 Info Systems
  12. Gelincik Grubu
  13. Griffin Science – 8th Grade
  14. Huzzah!
  15. Intermediate English class blog
  16. Luce Semester 2009
  17. Ka Tangi Hoki Ko Au Room 15 Blog
  18. Law Primary School East Lothian Primary 6 Blog
  19. MrCs Class Blog
  20. Mr McClung’s World
  21. Mrs. Yollis’ Classroom Blog
  22. Ms Mourad’s Absolutely Sensational Learners
  23. Mrs Goerend’s Blog
  24. Planet Infinity
  25. Room 10 Grey Lynn School
  26. Room 18’s Learning Journey blog
  27. Room 231
  28. Rumford Writers
  29. Saint Exupery 6
  30. South Paris Collaborative Chat
  31. Tamaki Tales
  32. Tamaki Primary Blockbusters
  33. Technology in the Classroom
  34. The Greatest Middle School Blog in the World
  35. The Overlakes 6th Grade Blog
  36. The Skinny
  37. Think in English
  38. Watch Out!

Please visit the Best Class Edublog 2009 website and cast your vote for your favourite class blog 2009!

New Visitors to Our Blog

We have new visitors to our blog Room 231.Flickr Photo Download: Welcome

Mr U sent me an email from a Teacher in California.  She tried to leave us this comment on our blog (but unfortunately our server thinks she’s a spambot! – Oh no!).  Here’s the comment she tried to leave us:-

Hi Ms. H and students, My name is Ms. Pechan and I work as the Technology Specialist at an elementary school in California. I linked to your blog from here yesterday and saw all of the wonderful learning that you’re doing. Some of our students (in a 5th & 6th grade class) along with their teacher, Mrs. Gillum, have started blogging for the first time this year. These students visited your blogs today and left comments on some of your blog posts. Hopefully we did it all correctly so that you will be able to read what we wrote. We’re still learning how all of this works, but so far it has been a blast. Also, I wanted to mention that we are looking to create some learning partnerships with some different classrooms this year. If you are interested in doing the same, please let us know. We have added you to our blogroll. If you’d like to see our class blog, you can click here. We hope to hear back from you sometime soon. Sincerely, Ms. Pechan

I’ve added their class blog to our blogroll – you can click here to see what these 5th and 6th Graders are doing in their classrooms.

Don’t forget to check your blog for their comments!  This is what it means to have a real audience!  Now we need to look after our audience to make sure they keep coming back to our blogs. Use the hyperlinks left in your comments to go back and leave a comment for them too.

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Water Tolerance Blog Post

Room 231 students …….

On YOUR blog, in a blog post ……

  • embed the image of the plant that you were the expert for (from our flickr account – remember to login so that you can grab the code) and
  • write a post detailing it’s range of tolerance and it’s optimal environment.


You many also add any extra information that you have found out about your plant such as it’s more usual environment for growing and any other interesting facts about it (such as how high it grows, what it’s grown for, etc).

See if you can hyperlink back to this post.  $10 H ….. Bucks if you can figure out how to do this successfully. (Hyperlinked means I won’t see the full web address inside your post!)

This post is due by Wednesday 2nd December.

What Do You Think?

Hey there Room 231 ……

Take a look at this blog post by a 7 year old girl.  Yes, that’s right, click on this link here and read the blog post written by a 7 year old!

I’d like to know what you think about what she’s saying.  Do you agree? Do you disagree?  Do you have the same point of view or a different point of view?

Leave her a comment – but remember that we don’t need to just say “cool” or “awesome” because that’s not very helpful and it doesn’t really let the author of the post know what you are thinking.
You could even use some of those prompts we’ve been talking about in Writer’s Workshop:

This makes me think …..
I’m realising that …….

Don’t forget to type your own blog’s URL so that she knows where you’re from.

Ms H

Reading with Our KinderBuddies

Each week on F day we read with our KinderBuddies.  KinderBuddies are Kindergarteners.


Room 231 students, please write a reflection post about reading with your kinderbuddy by this Friday.  You could talk about why it’s an important thing to do, what you are learning by doing it and what you think your kinderbuddy might be getting out of this activity.

The photos taken today are uploaded to flickr already.  Find your kinderbuddy photo and copy and paste the code into your blog post.  Remember we have 4 embedding image experts in the class if you forget how to embed the image.  There’s this tutorial below too if you are working on this at home and get stuck!

Using VoiceThread for Science

Here Room 231!

Below is the tutorial for logging into VoiceThread and how to leave a comment (using your own identity) on your group’s page.  I’m interested to see how many of you can teach yourself what to do just by using this tutorial and of course, your own brains!

Good luck …… (and remember, you can ask me for help if you get really stuck – but think of 3 before me!)

Wise Words from Mr McGuire

Room 231 bloggers ……..

Read this post by Mr McGuire. The Reading Workshop: How To Grade Student Blogs

He’s a teacher of students that blog just like you do.  He raises some very good points about posting cleanly on your blog.

Click this link to read his post about PUGS!

We are going to use Mr McGuire’s blogging rubric called Stairs Steps to Success to help us improve our blog posts.

End of RQNW – Reflection

We’ve come to the end of our second Personal Narrative Writing Unit – Raising the Quality of Narrative Writing.  Your next blog task is to reflection on how Writing Workshop worked for you as you focused on gathering more unpolished gems,  chose an unpolished gem to work with, and then began to polish it and polish it into the best gem ever.Flickr Photo Download: Gems

You can use the following questions to help you with your reflection post and remember to link back to this post on our class blog.

What did you learn?
How did it go for you?
What’s still confusing?
What will you try to do next time we come back to Narrative Writing?

I’m looking forward to reading your reflections!

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Character Unit – Final Project Details

We are nearing the end of our character unit.  As part of your assessment in this unit you will complete some tasks.  Read your choices below and make your selections.

As part of your project, you must submit the following:

•    Title page for your project (include the title of book, author, your name)

•    Character Evaluation (see attached sheet. You may use this the way it is, or you may take the 10 boxes on the sheet and change the presentation to something more creative and that will have more space for you to write)

•    In books we read, often a character goes through a change.  Create a page, dividing it in half.  Draw or find a picture of an important character from your novel.  On one half, the picture should show how the character was before he/she changed, and on the other half, the picture should show the ‘after’.  Underneath, write a paragraph explaining how your character changed—inside and out!  Be as creative as you wish—you may use speech bubbles, symbols and anything else you can think of!

Choose 2 items from the following tasks to hand in:
Remember, be as creative as you wish! You don’t have to hand in the exact sheet you choose from.   Use technology, colored paper, art techniques…whatever!

•    An Interview with…
•    Scrapbook Delight
•    What’s Your View?
•    Magazine Cover
•    Journal Entry

Due Dates:
Compulsory Tasks:  Thursday 29 October 2009
Choice Tasks:            Monday 2 November 2009

If you have any questions, you can leave them as a comment on this post.  Happy October Break everyone – see you in a week!