Oct 07 2010

Writing Workshop Strategy: Timeline It!

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Today we learned how to use a timeline in 2 different ways when writing a personal narrative:
  1. To help you elaborate a part of your narrative that needs it–this could be ANYWHERE within your narrative
  2. Early on in the drafting process, after you have selected your entry, the time line will help you list, step by step, the points you want to be sure to include in your narrative.

As a class, we selected a recent ‘small moment’ event that we all shared. We decided on our 3 minutes of dancing that we did following a rather long period of mandatory school testing.  We learned that it is important to replay the event in our minds in a step by step way to help relive the moment and remember all the important parts.  If we realize we’ve forgotten a step, we can always go back and add it in our timeline.  No problemo!  :)

Check out Miss B’s personal example of an entry she made about her very first time tow-surfing (that means being pulled behind a motor boat while standing on a surfboard). She shared this with the class and showed how she revised her first paragraph after realizing she was missing some important details.

Just so you all know what I mean by tow-surfing, here is my Canadian friend Matt doing exactly that.

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Sep 29 2010

Character TimeLines

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Grade 5s,

As you know, we’ve been looking more closely at how a character can often change over time.  We’ve spent some time as a class, examining Sahara in the book Sahara Special by Esme Raji Codell and how she does indeed change throughout the book.

For Monday, be sure to come prepared to discuss with your reading partner some evidence of how you think your character changes in your book.  Later in the week, we will spend some time putting together our own timelines in class.

Have a great LONG weekend!

Miss B.

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