Oct 15 2010

Think Outside the Bottle–Blog Action Day 2010

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Bottled water…

may be considered an addiction by some. I have chosen to write about this today on Blog Action Day because it is an issue that every one of us has the

power to control.

For example, even if you live in a place where potable drinking water is not available, like in Thailand where I live, having a reusable bottle saves not only money in your pocket, but also does much more than that!

For instance, according to one report, 17 million barrels of oil are needed to produce all the plastic water bottles that are used in the U.S. each year — and 86 percent of them will

never be recycled.

According to one source,

…consumption of bottled water continues to grow rapidly in most countries.  See the chart below which looks at the top 10 countries between 2002-2007 that consumed the most bottled water. You can see how much their consumption increased over that time period, too.   Is your country on this list?

So, why did I say we have the power to control our consumption of bottled water? Because we are consumers! We are the ones who decide whether or not we purchase the bottled water!

We DO have the power!

We can choose NOT to purchase bottled water and be smartER about our spending.

In my hometown of London, Ontario Canada, in Aug. 2008, there was a vote to ban bottled water in city offices, parks and other recreational facilities. Some schools in Ontario are considering, or have already banned the sale of bottled water.

Has your school done the same? What are YOUR thoughts on this?

At ISB, the price of bottled water has recently jumped from 10 baht to 20 baht. Why do you ask? Probably the most likely reason is to deter buyers and encourage people to fill their own reusable bottles at the large water stations.

Click on the picture below which will take you to the Green Panthers blog at our school. It further explains the decision to increase the cost of bottled water sales at I.S.B. Our school also showed the video called Tapped recently. I’ve included the trailer for the movie below.

Trailer for TAPPED

When it comes to bottled water you have a choice. It might mean being more prepared and remembering your reusable bottle, but it also means giving a little more respect to the environment.

This is me filling my own bottle at our classroom water jug (the water from our taps in Thailand is not drinkable).

And don’t stop there! Tupperware, coffee mugs and so on…How are YOU keeping your trash to a minimum?

Check out any of the individual student blogs on the right to see what each of us say about the topic of water.

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