Sep 17 2010

The Write Stuff!

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It’s celebration time!

Our first published personal narratives (say that 5 times fast!) are ready for your wonderful comments. They are published on each students’ own individual blog.  Where can you find these student blogs? Click on a student name on the right hand side of this blog. Just scroll down until you see names.

I am so proud of the level of care and engagement with this first writing assignment. But, just as my friend Lucy says, “Just when you think you’re done, you’ve just begun.”  This is so true!  We will continue to raise the quality of our narrative writing with your feedback and by learning more from mentor authors and mini-lessons.

One of the ways we can improve is to give others the chance to give us helpful, constructive feedback.  So bloggers, please leave a comment on some of those narratives. We’ve jump-started this process by having the students look closely at 2-3 of their own classmates’ work.  We called this a ‘Gallery Walk’ where the students were partnered with 2-3 other classmates and had to write ‘two stars and a wish’ for that students’ writing.  A ‘star’ is considered something that person particularly liked about the piece, something they noted as done well.  A ‘wish’ is a piece of constructive criticism–how can that student improve for next time?

Check out the photos below of this ‘Gallery Walk’ in action. Thanks to Ms.McAloon for the idea! Click on an individual photo for a larger view.

Thanks in advance for commenting!

Miss B. and the Gr.5s of Room 230

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