Aug 24 2010

Need a Boost?

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I have several blogs and websites that I follow in order to feed my interest in the world’s news and the local news “back home” in Ontario. I recently read a good article on kids and breakfast foods and the importance of eating a nutrient-packed breakfast before school. Click here for it.

While most students seem to come to school with a full belly, from time to time, I still know of some students who say things like, “Miss B., I just didn’t have time to eat this morning”, or “I don’t like the breakfast I’m given”.  Take a look at this short article about why breakfast is important and some of the yummy suggestions they offer.

Have a yummy, healthy breakfast suggestion? Why don’t you write a comment and/or even leave a link to a recipe you suggest we try!

Happy Brekkie!

Miss B. :)

P.S. Click here for some help with variety in breakfast! There’s some really cool recipes waiting for you to test them out!

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