Dec 01 2010

My Sustainability Wallwisher

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Nov 26 2010

Learning to Read Like a Teacher: Nonfiction

It’s not easy to read like a teacher does. Primary teachers, in particular have perfected this seemingly innate skill.  Today, we learned how to read a part of a nonfiction text by reading OFF OF the text, not reading all the words on the page.

We had to make decisions as to what was important to share with others, what were some questions we had that we wanted to share, connections, and so on.

We also learned the importance of using a loud, clear, teacher voice, expressive face and hand movements and how to hold the book so others held their interest in what we were saying.

Teachers make it look so easy!  In the picture below, Max is doing a great job of trying out the skills we learned today.

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Nov 24 2010

December Newsletter

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Click here to download the DecNewsletter

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Nov 23 2010

The Wishing Tree

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The holiday season is fast approaching and at our school, the Middle and High School divisions are creating an opportunity to help children in need. We all like to receive gifts but many children in Bangkok are much less fortunate than ourselves and will not receive anything at Christmas time.

But, with the help of The Wishing Tree, we can change that fate for a few children in the Bangkok area, Lat Krabang.

The Camillian Home is the institution where these children reside. It opened in 2008, trying to bring love and hope to HIV positive and disabled children.  The Home functions as an orphanage and a day care to 31 children, and wishes to open its doors to more children in the future.

Our class is helping 2 children, one boy and one girl.

Toey is a boy who is 10 years old. Some of his favorite things:

color: blue

food: chips

animal: dog

hobby: playing balls, drawing, listening to tales

cartoon character: Ultraman

Jill is a girl who is 5 years old. Some of her favorite things:

color: pink

food: noodles

animal: elephant

hobby: playing on the playground

cartoon character: PowerPuff Girls

The following items are requested:

  • One backpack for each child
  • Pens, pen
  • Highlighters
  • Markers
  • Color pencils
  • Notebooks
  • Folders
  • Pencils, erasers
  • Portable pencil sharpener
  • Toothbrush/toothpaste
  • soap
  • shampoo
  • snacks
  • flipflops

On December 3rd, the filled backpacks will be put back under the tree and eventually into the hands of very happy, grateful, deserving children.

Thanks for giving!

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Nov 23 2010


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What does International meant to you?

Our Elementary school celebrated International Week recently and the theme this year was…


We each explored the question ‘What does it mean to be free to be?’ During the week, the students helped to create a wall mural with a symbol from their country that represents freedom.

On one of the days, we all dressed up in our national costume and thanks to the wonderful parents and with the help of staff and I.As, classrooms were transformed into various countries. In our Grade 5 quad, Canada, India, Brazil, Sweden and Denmark, U.S.A. were represented.  We traveled around to each classroom with our passports and got them stamped before we moved to the next country.

If only travel could be that easy!

Due to the fact that I am Canadian, I felt right at home as my classroom was transformed into a winter wonderland. We even made snow! Check out the video I’ve included below.


Please check out the individual student blogs for their own personal reflections on International Week.

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Oct 22 2010

October Break

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Dear Gr.5s,

The much-needed holiday has arrived. Some of you are heading off to distant lands, while others are staying close to home where some sleeping in is in order. Wherever you go or whatever you do, have a fantastic week-long holiday! You all deserve it! I can’t wait to hear about your adventures upon your return. As for me, I’m off to Beijing and X’ian. The Great Wall awaits.

Safe travels,

Miss B

Image Attribution: _ankor

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Oct 20 2010

Creative Commons

Ms. H came into our class again to teach us about what Creative Commons means. She taught us that just because it’s there,doesn’t mean we have the RIGHT to use it.

Check out her most recent blog post about this very issue by clicking on the screen shot below. I’ve also included a youtube video that helps remind us what Creative Commons is.

Check it out!

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Oct 20 2010

Two Tens for a Five

Thanks to Mrs. Melhorn for this funny video clip from the classic  comedians, Abbott & Costello.

It just goes to show you why understanding math is sooooo important!

Happy Wednesday. Enjoy!

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Oct 19 2010

“At Least I Have a Pair of Perfect Legs”

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I was watching a news program last night on T.V. and they were featuring a story on a young man who recently won China’s Got Talent. What made him the winner?

Watch the video below to see why.

It struck a chord with me because so often when something tragic happens to us we think “Why me?” This young man is an example of thinking “Why not me?” He found strength in his disABILITY and pushed forward with his life, rather than witholding his dreams. What a great example for all of us when we are faced with challenge in our own lives.

Thank you, Liu Wei!

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Oct 19 2010

Ms.H to the Rescue!

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So you know that little Avatar problem we’ve been trying to solve? Ms. H and Mr. U put their heads together and solved the mystery! Here is a tutorial that shows you how to ensure your Avatar shows up!

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